How to Celebrate and Clean your Unique Jewelry

We live in an increasingly disposable society with little value placed on things that can endure beyond our own lifetime. Jewelry is produced on an assembly line, each identical to the other, having little individuality. Yet it is often the accessories that make or break an outfit, that pulls the diverse elements together and proclaims something unique about the way God created you.

I make unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces from hand picked wood, selected for either it’s inherent beauty or it’s sentimental value. Imagine wearing around your neck a piece of wood from an olive tree in Bethlehem, or a Mesquite tree that has stood the test of time and change in South Texas, or a Black Walnut tree that was struck by lightening and yet became more beautiful because of its injury. Or imagine a tree from your childhood home, a piece of your great-grandmother’s hope chest, your grandfather’s barn or the tree your husband proposed under.

I make jewelry that can become a conversation starter for you as you meet new people and that you can pass on to your children as heirlooms.

I Make Stories You Can Wear!

All necklaces are hand-crafted by me. I make the wooden beads myself on a lathe then assemble it with complementary beads. I use only natural substances on my wood and no chemicals or dyes.

Cleaning your Jewelry in Proper Methods

The other problem you might be facing with your unique jewelry is to how to clean and care your jewelry to maintain their sparklingness and extend shining lifespan for as long as possible. The way and methods of cleaning unique jewelry actually depend on what types of jewelry you have. The materials used largely are subject to how to clean and care them properly.

Actually, some home used cleaner can well perform cleaning work and deliver the sense of charming in more cost effective way. Those toothpaste or vinegar are good enough to clean those silver sterling jewelry. Some soft gemstone or pearl balls can be cleaned using specific chemical solution. Those valuable fine jewelry, like gold, diamond or crystal jewelry, must be careful and cleaned with caution. Just using some soft clothes or specific jewelry cleaning clothes gently wipe off the surface of valuable by tipping some chemical solution.

There are also more powerful cleaning machine, e.g jewelry steam cleaner, which take use of the power of steam jet to blow away grime and particles on the surface of jewelry. Actually, steam jet cleaning is mostly used for the purpose of polishing to make your jewelry more sparkling and attractive. Steam jet cleaner usually comes with ultrasonic cleaning functionality to make it a one stop solution for your jewelry cleaning work at home.

Although, you are a talent of creating unique jewelry, or have a good collection on some valuable jewelry, maintaining and cleaning these jewelry pieces are also important. You never want your jewelry art piece or valuable collection to lose their charm and sparkling in short term, just because of the lack of proper care and maintenance work done timely.

steam jet jewelry clean

How to Choose your Favorite Watches with Best

There are many types of watches to meet your various timing set needs. For example, if you would like to wear watches for diving practice, these diving watches you choose must be waterproof as well as good enough to resist pressure under water. If you wear watches mostly likely for the purpose of dressing up as a wrist accessory, some casual style and light trendy watches could deliver you most comfortable during the daily wearing. Reading invicta watches review first here is highly recommended prior to making any purchase decision.


The problem is how to choose one of most appropriate watches to satisfy your specific need.You might have to do some extra work to research both online and offline in order to avoid more hassle afterwards. Actually, it is worth advanced research as some quality brand watches really cost you some money, like Rolex, a well-known Swiss brand.

Many watches buyers prefer to buy their favorite watches in high street shops, as they would like some real wearing experience before making purchase. The other advantage is you can detect its quality and condition before pocketing out any cash, so it really reduce the risk of having low quality or fake replica watches trap after payment. However, the watches style and types listed on shop’s shelf might be limited for buyers to choose.

If you would like to buy some watches from watches makers, I suggest you go to online stores at first, to browse most wanted watches from all categories. You can have very first visual view experience from checking online watches shops. Additionally, reading reviews from other previous buyers also best help you learn more in and out of those watches you intend to buy. These online experience are really different from stepping into high street store.

Nowadays, almost all watches makers already open up their up front online stores either in their own official website or through some big ecommerce platform, like ebay and amazon etc. Buying even most expensive watches from these front online stores is always safe, as buyers benefits are protected by these third party ecommerce giants. You won’t be worried for any money loss before the transaction actually end with mutual satisfaction.

cheap invicta watches

Watches brand also makes much sense, as there might be big difference of quality and lifespan from brand to brand. One of most argued watches brands, Invicta, is actually the watch style that yield you big brand taste but with very affordable price. Invicta actually developed a very wide selection of watches families, e.g Pro Diver, Russian Diver and Luph etc. Here are some comprehensive reviews for invicta watches to help choose the best ones with the ultimate direction guide.

Choosing proper watches is also gender matter, as some watches are specially made for men. Ladies watches can be easily detected from their appearance and styles. They are more slim and light to give most comfortable for ladies wear. We will have other articles to discuss more for ladies watches guide.

Best Fashion Jewelry Buying Guide in 2017

Fashion jewelry is usually small pieces of beauty accessory to help enhance overall stylish and elegance for either daily dressing up or making up for a specific occasion. Fashion jewelry is increasingly becoming the necessary parts of daily making and dressing up for most ladies and guys nowadays. However, you might not have a clear idea of what type of fashion jewelry best for your costume and where to buy your fancy jewelry with the most money and hassle saving. This short article guides you through the best places to have your lovely jewelry with least expense.

best fashion jewelry

Traditionally, fashion jewelry is sold on the shelves of high street stores, local department stores, and bargain stores. These brick stores usually give the best shopping experience as you can personally touch and wear each piece of jewelry in front of the mirror. You can almost immediately tell if those fashion jewelry in your eyes best matches your personal outfit style from mirror view. Most of the world class jewelry brands have their own high street stores and usually promote the new released seasonal jewelry in their brick stores. The consumer can have their very first-hand experience with the latest jewelry products in these physical stores.

However, the jewelry listed in high street stores are usually more expensive than those listed online. It is obvious that operation cost is much higher in the brick shop than an online front line. Additionally, the style selection of jewelry might also be limited due to the shop physical area limitation. So, more and more customers tend to choose online jewelry shop nowadays.

big dipper jewelry

Big Dipper Jewelry Earring Jackets for Women, Cubic Zirconia Stone Knot

There are also local department shop and bargain shop selling fashion and costume jewelry. These are also physical brick stores on the street, but the price is much lower. If you would like cheap fashion and costume jewelry, but also would like to test them personally in front of the mirror, these bargain stores should be your option. The authenticity and quality of fashion jewelry selling in such stores could not be guaranteed. The style types are also very wide and mixed, as some of the jewelry are second hand and denoted from the local people. To some extent, they are not really a pure fashion jewelry shop.

If you would like to see fashion jewelry type for as much as possible, before making any purchase decision, coming to the online store is your best bet. There is almost no limitation on category selection of fashion jewelry online. You can search around from one shop to another to view endless gorgeous fashion jewelry and compare their features, reviews, and price. The last but not least, those looking expensive fashion jewelry are always cheaper on price tag than in brick store for obvious reasons.

Actually, most of the fashion jewelry are not the same expensive items as those pure gold, silver, and diamond etc. I would suggest to test different channel and gain very different shopping experience, as no matter how you buy them, it won’t cost you much money. The shopping experience is sometimes much more factor especially for young ladies nowadays.

How to Tell Pure Real Human Hair Extensions Over Synthetics

If your hair is short or lack of gorgeous shining, hair extension should be your best solution. For those ladies who still hesitate if you are supposed to wear hair extensions, they might consider hair extension might damage own hair or result bald head. Actually, this myths should be clear up once you learn hair extensions ins and outs. If you learn how to choose the proper type of hair extensions and how to attach them without damaging your own hair, hair extension would be your perfect integration to your own hair.

According to the attaching methods, hair extensions could be classified into clip in, tape in, micro bead, pre boned like stick tip and nail tip hair extensions. You can consult hair stylists which method best match your own hair, if you are uncertain bonding type. If you are African American women, it is suggested to go with clip in hair extensions for black hair.

best human hair weft extensions

Additionally, hair extensions are made of either remy human hair or synthetic artificial hair. Obviously, real natural human hair extensions have more premium features than those synthetic ones, however, you might have difficulty to tell those so called pure natural human hair extensions if you have little knowledge and experience at the beginning. Many hair extensions sellers mix some synthetic hair or low quality hair with other human hair into hair extensions in order to save cost. If you are not sure how to tell, just spot their retail price label, those hair extensions marketing with remy human hair, but priced only around $10 or $20, it is quite possible they are not made with pure natural human hair.

One reliable way to differentiate real human from synthetic fake ones is to touch the hair from the top to the bottom slowly, real human hair deliver the sense of smooth, strong and comfortable feel, however, synthetic hair is softer, thin and without volume thickness feel.

As a professional stylist, you are suggested to always go with hair extensions being made with real human hair, as these human hair extensions can give freedom of washing, dying, curling and styling whatever you desire, plus long lasting life span.

Check this Youtube Video to learn how to tell real hair from fake:

Ultrasonic Cleaning-Shine your Jewelries in an Easy and Speedy Way

Jewelry is a matter of love for women since historic period. Not only ladies, but gents also love to adorn themselves with jewelry. When it loses its shines it imparts a bad look. One of the most beloved things to us is our precious jewelry as it is a driving force of fashion. When we go to buy them we spend hours in selecting a fine one as we want best for ourselves. Maintaining a clean jewelry can be difficult because gold, platinum, silver or any other metal jewel will get rusted one day. We would be upset of losing its shine. Now, we have a magical technique that would cheer up us by getting back the shine of our jewels.

This unique technique is called as “ultrasonic jewelry cleaning“. This technique makes use of ultrasound to remove the dirt from our jewelry. There are many other methods available to clean the jewelry but the safe and sound is ultrasonic method.

Process of  Sonic Jewel Cleaning

ultrasonic jewelry cleanerGenerally jewelry cleaning is the process of removing dirt or rust from jewelry in order to improve its shine.

The jewelry to be cleaned is placed inside a tank of ultrasonic cleaner machine along with a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is readily available in market however we can even make use of water.

After placing the jewelry, the machine is switched on and the motor in it produces ultrasonic vibrations through the solution. The vibrations help to breakdown the dirt particles which were accumulated on surface of jewelry. After few minutes of wait we would get back that sparkle and shine of our jewelry.

Benefits of Ultra Sonic  Jewelry Cleaning

  • Any type of dirt, grime, rust, lime scale, fungus can be removed using this technique.
  • Small parts of our jewelry that are unreachable to clean by other methods can be cleaned.
  • It provides microscopic cleansing of our jewels.
  • It requires less time as far as 10 minutes to clean the jewelry.
  • The machine is quiet and compact.
  • It doesn’t do any damage to jewelry since it is environmental friendly and is comparatively a cheap method.

Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Cleaning

No other method is as effective as ultrasonic jewelry cleaning method. The ultrasonic cleaning technique is used not only to clean jewelry but also coins, eyeglasses, keys, metal badges, blades, etc since it a flexible method. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, metal finishing also use this method.

Cleaning of gemstones with Ultrasonic Cleaner

We also own jewelry decorated with precious stones called gems. The gems give the jewelry a more additional rich look. Sometimes even gems get dirty due to which its look gets decreased. Using this ultrasonic method we can clean gems and other valuable stones also.

Many machines are available with the jewellery store to clean them. The ultrasound cleaning machines are also available online and in markets at cheap price. We can buy those and clean the jewels by ourselves at our home itself without the need for going in search for any store to clean it.