How to Celebrate and Clean your Unique Jewelry

We live in an increasingly disposable society with little value placed on things that can endure beyond our own lifetime. Jewelry is produced on an assembly line, each identical to the other, having little individuality. Yet it is often the accessories that make or break an outfit, that pulls the diverse elements together and proclaims something unique about the way God created you.

I make unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces from hand picked wood, selected for either it’s inherent beauty or it’s sentimental value. Imagine wearing around your neck a piece of wood from an olive tree in Bethlehem, or a Mesquite tree that has stood the test of time and change in South Texas, or a Black Walnut tree that was struck by lightening and yet became more beautiful because of its injury. Or imagine a tree from your childhood home, a piece of your great-grandmother’s hope chest, your grandfather’s barn or the tree your husband proposed under.

I make jewelry that can become a conversation starter for you as you meet new people and that you can pass on to your children as heirlooms.

I Make Stories You Can Wear!

All necklaces are hand-crafted by me. I make the wooden beads myself on a lathe then assemble it with complementary beads. I use only natural substances on my wood and no chemicals or dyes.

Cleaning your Jewelry in Proper Methods

The other problem you might be facing with your unique jewelry is to how to clean and care your jewelry to maintain their sparklingness and extend shining lifespan for as long as possible. The way and methods of cleaning unique jewelry actually depend on what types of jewelry you have. The materials used largely are subject to how to clean and care them properly.

Actually, some home used cleaner can well perform cleaning work and deliver the sense of charming in more cost effective way. Those toothpaste or vinegar are good enough to clean those silver sterling jewelry. Some soft gemstone or pearl balls can be cleaned using specific chemical solution. Those valuable fine jewelry, like gold, diamond or crystal jewelry, must be careful and cleaned with caution. Just using some soft clothes or specific jewelry cleaning clothes gently wipe off the surface of valuable by tipping some chemical solution.

There are also more powerful cleaning machine, e.g jewelry steam cleaner, which take use of the power of steam jet to blow away grime and particles on the surface of jewelry. Actually, steam jet cleaning is mostly used for the purpose of polishing to make your jewelry more sparkling and attractive. Steam jet cleaner usually comes with ultrasonic cleaning functionality to make it a one stop solution for your jewelry cleaning work at home.

Although, you are a talent of creating unique jewelry, or have a good collection on some valuable jewelry, maintaining and cleaning these jewelry pieces are also important. You never want your jewelry art piece or valuable collection to lose their charm and sparkling in short term, just because of the lack of proper care and maintenance work done timely.

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