Ultrasonic Cleaning-Shine your Jewelries in an Easy and Speedy Way

Jewelry is a matter of love for women since historic period. Not only ladies, but gents also love to adorn themselves with jewelry. When it loses its shines it imparts a bad look. One of the most beloved things to us is our precious jewelry as it is a driving force of fashion. When we go to buy them we spend hours in selecting a fine one as we want best for ourselves. Maintaining a clean jewelry can be difficult because gold, platinum, silver or any other metal jewel will get rusted one day. We would be upset of losing its shine. Now, we have a magical technique that would cheer up us by getting back the shine of our jewels.

This unique technique is called as “ultrasonic jewelry cleaning“. This technique makes use of ultrasound to remove the dirt from our jewelry. There are many other methods available to clean the jewelry but the safe and sound is ultrasonic method.

Process of  Sonic Jewel Cleaning

ultrasonic jewelry cleanerGenerally jewelry cleaning is the process of removing dirt or rust from jewelry in order to improve its shine.

The jewelry to be cleaned is placed inside a tank of ultrasonic cleaner machine along with a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is readily available in market however we can even make use of water.

After placing the jewelry, the machine is switched on and the motor in it produces ultrasonic vibrations through the solution. The vibrations help to breakdown the dirt particles which were accumulated on surface of jewelry. After few minutes of wait we would get back that sparkle and shine of our jewelry.

Benefits of Ultra Sonic  Jewelry Cleaning

  • Any type of dirt, grime, rust, lime scale, fungus can be removed using this technique.
  • Small parts of our jewelry that are unreachable to clean by other methods can be cleaned.
  • It provides microscopic cleansing of our jewels.
  • It requires less time as far as 10 minutes to clean the jewelry.
  • The machine is quiet and compact.
  • It doesn’t do any damage to jewelry since it is environmental friendly and is comparatively a cheap method.

Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Cleaning

No other method is as effective as ultrasonic jewelry cleaning method. The ultrasonic cleaning technique is used not only to clean jewelry but also coins, eyeglasses, keys, metal badges, blades, etc since it a flexible method. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, metal finishing also use this method.

Cleaning of gemstones with Ultrasonic Cleaner

We also own jewelry decorated with precious stones called gems. The gems give the jewelry a more additional rich look. Sometimes even gems get dirty due to which its look gets decreased. Using this ultrasonic method we can clean gems and other valuable stones also.

Many machines are available with the jewellery store to clean them. The ultrasound cleaning machines are also available online and in markets at cheap price. We can buy those and clean the jewels by ourselves at our home itself without the need for going in search for any store to clean it.